Dietitian 4 Health

Nutrition Assessment and Counselling

Services & Fees

 Initial Assessment
(Adults or Children)
Includes an individualized nutritional assessment with counselling and goal setting (60-90 mins).
$  125 
 Follow Up
(Adults or Children)
Includes a follow up session to review your progress, identify roadblocks and modify goals (30-45 mins).
$  85 
Nutrigenomics Genetic Counselling
(Adults only)
Includes nutrition screening (45-60 mins) with saliva sampling for genetic testing for weight management, nutrient metabolism, cardio metabolic health, food intolerances, eating habits, fitness performance and injury risk.  Genetic analysis with customized report.  Includes follow up session (30-60 mins) to review the results and create a personalized nutrition plan.  

$ 498
45 Gene

* additional charges may apply for home visits